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Chiangmai Legal Counsellors, foreign law service, thailand law service
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International Tax Planning
International Tax Planning
If a multinational/international company plans to do business here in Thailand, the choice of entities and structure will have significant impacts on its tax burdens. Proper international tax planning helps the companies minimize their tax burdens as they remit their profit out of the country.
Our licensed Thai tax lawyers can advise clients how to remit their profit out of Thailand in the least possibly taxed way. Generally, we first run economic analysis of our clients' transactions in order to ensure that our proposed structure reflects the economic reality of our clients' transactions.
Afterward we help the clients structure their transactions and select their choice of entities in the manner that minimizes their tax burdens, fully taking advantages of double taxation agreements, offshore tax heaven, and tax incentives available under the Revenue Code.
Our international tax planning services cover:
  • Structuring International Transactions, Operations, and Investments
  • Remittance of Income Overseas i.e. Business Profits, Royalties, Interests & Dividends
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Double Taxation Treaties
  • Offshore Tax Planning
  • Permanent Establishments
  • Regional Operating Headquarters
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